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Beef quality is dependent on the diet provided to cattle and their living conditions. All our beef used is grass fed scottish aberdeen (Red or Black)

A grass fed animal is a very important factor to the final product and quality of the beef. It is believed to be healthier than beef from feedlots as it contains less saturated fat and more omega 3 fatty acids than grain- fed beef. 

The humid pampa (Pampa humeda) is the most important and best known cattle producing region as it has vast and open pastures..

Vacuum packed meat is shipped in the UK with an age of around 35 to 40 days. The beef can be consumed within a 100 days of age but it's perfect around 40 days

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Head Chef


Kwasi is a steak expert, taught by the best, striving for the greatest results both in flavour and composition. His talent of leadership in the kitchen is unquestionable – each member of the staff loves him, although he is a hard taskmaster.

Argentine Steak Expert, Chef Trainer


Daniel Veron is the chef who’s been working with Gaucho Grill since 1976 in Holland and has been sharing his skills in grill houses across Europe and the UK. We are really proud to have the chance to have our chefs trained by this amazing chef. He brings passionate perfection in preparing and cooking Argentine cuisine.

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